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Sunday, December 10, 2006


John Fleck

Coco -

Thanks, but you're being too rhetorical for your own good here - meaning - I don't know the answers to your rhetorical questions, about who paid for what West Side infrastructure, when and how. I'm trying to understand how this TIF thing fits into what we've done before. Help me out.



The State and the Feds paid for most of the big-scale scale improvements - along with City taxpayers. Those weren't funded with impact fees, which are less than ten years old. And certainly not funded by developers - who previously would contribute to infrastructure through negotiated development agreements.

We've been paying for construction of necessary West side infrastructure (infrastructure like Mesa del Sol needs) as a City, County, State and Federal government since before the 70's. Like everywhere else.

When a semi-innovative idea comes up for funding MDS from the tax revenue it generates, NOW we're told we should worry about fairess and aging infrastructure? (That was PGS.) Senator Joe Carraro even makes the statement about funding West Side classrooms.

Forget rhetoric, do you get the irony?

John Fleck

Thanks, yes, that answers my question(s), and I do grasp the irony.

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