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Monday, July 23, 2007


John Fleck

And an added threat for bicyclists on trash day (as if we don't face enough already)....


not that I would do this, but I have heard that some have used them as rain barrels.

Inky Ink, Inc.

Following the same line of reasoning (reasoning??) of referring to Albuquerque as "The Q," perhaps folks can start referring to Mayor Marty as "The A."


I just want to say that Gary Herron, the writer of the Observer article, is a horrible, horrible writer. He might have even been making it up or misunderstood what he heard.

Just sample some of his other writings and you'll see that he needs to take a basic writing class.

Mario Burgos

If you should stupidly try to, say, place one on it's side to rake noxious weeds into it, or hose it out, that lid can eat your hand. Not that I would ever try to wash a garbage can.

Actually, it's not a good idea to wash out your own garbage can. In fact, unless you're going to contain the runoff onto your lawn (I know, it's ABQ, what lawn?), you could be in violation of the EPA's Clean Water Act.

No worries, there is a start-up company in town that has a solution. BlastNClean.com has a fully automated, patented process for cleaning garbage carts and containers.

Full disclosure: They're a client of mine. See, I can be a good guy and help with the environment.

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