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Friday, February 15, 2008



And it was close to $1 Billion given the inflation adjustment provision. Yes, Cisco is more popular than ever at the moment, in every sense!


thank you coco for making me aware of this issue here as well on the radio ABQ1350. I hope New Mexicans appreciate Senator McSorley's filibuster for the states future economic well being. Keep the money in the citizens hand for the common good. Also support Sen. Chris Dodd in the all important FISA debate. Truth to Power.


Congratulations, The People of Anaheim sent Suncal packing when their lobbyists influenced three of our council members to change zoning in the Anaheim Resort Zone so they could build 1500 homes on 26 acres. It took the people of Anaheim a year before Suncal folded their tent but not without suing the landowner who has since sold that same 26 acres to a developer willing to build hotels and restaurants in compliance with our original zoning. Just make sure you watch your backs when it comes to Suncal. They are used to getting what they want and when they don't, they sue!


The final paragraph from the Fiscal Impact Report. Expect SunCal to be back with more of the same at the next session. Of course, absent an improved economy, another denial should be a given (should be). Also expect a lot of SunCal money to appear in campaign finance disclosures.

The DevCo TIDD would not be able to move ahead with bond issues. They will still receive the
tax increment revenues beginning in July 1, 2008, but would have to come back for approval at a
later date. The law is unclear as to what happens to the tax increment revenue if there is no
authority to issue bonds. DevCo does not plan on issuing any bonds for several years so the
impact would only be uncertainty to the investors but have no material impact on the planning.
DevCo is still able to issue bonds secured by the County property and gross receipts taxes
distributed to the TIDD.

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