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Saturday, January 01, 2011



Cannon. Artillery not Catholic law. Steve Terrell of SF New Mexican mis-tweeted it first. Everyone knows I can't spell.

Michelle Meaders

So that's why she insisted on having it outdoors, no matter how uncomfortable for the participants.

The Democratic statewide officials had more sense -- they were sworn in indoors, at the Harold Runnels Building on St. Francis Drive.


Sunday morning news just showed the swearing in of County officials. Stebbins says new term will bring more attention to ethics and open government . . . starting Monday. Everybody sing, the Sunshine will come out tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow.

Inky Ink, Inc.

All those helicopters and damn ordnance goin off jolted me out of bed on New Year's Morning, and if just for that ALONE me an Mizz Martinez is off to a bad start. Thought I was in Baghdad for a minute there. I don't like being woked up on the weekends, especially if it's the morning after New Year's Eve, and even MORE ESPECIALLY if it's by politicians. She's already playin catch-up with me.

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