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Tuesday, March 01, 2011



and you're thinking it's a privilege not a right because.... (just wondering)


Most don't have the ability to be here everyday. I feel privileged, Pissed but privileged


I watched “The Future of Food” last night – http://www.thefutureoffood.com/ - it would be nice if facts could trump vaguely dismissive references, but I understand the lobbyists from Mansanto have been ensconced at La Fonda all session – follow the money (which, unfortunately, does not seem to blow across the road to contaminate the small farmers’ pockets)


Thanks for the link Rocky! Also King Corn on Netflix and David versus Monsanto:

Inky Ink, Inc.

If only intelligence cross-pollinated as easily as GMO corn and wheat. But some corporation would probably sue over it anyway. Brings to mind the old Woody Allen joke about how he got booted out of college for cheating: During his metaphysics final he looked into the soul of the student sitting next to him.

bedroom furniture

great man :D

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