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Monday, June 15, 2015



Very well, and depressingly so, summed up. I know nothing about "planning" and admire those who are willing to both understand and contend with such bullshit to an extent that they will stay involved. Educationand bicycle infrastructure is one thing, but this money grab disguised as "planning" is colossal bullshit of the most disingenuous order. Okay, maybe standardized testing is in nearly the same order.

I still say we drive the BernCo Commissioners through Mesa del Sol. Slowly. They'll still do the stupid, developer suck-ass thing, but we can laugh at them the whole drive through "town" of MdS. We'll even make two or three trips to enhance the laughing.



I loved WAYne tonight at city council talking about the 13 hours, THIRTEEN HOURS of meetings he attended on this. Because 13 hours, well, you gotta have an IRON BUTT for that shit.

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