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Both communists and the smart-growth planners believe that an elite should decide how other people should live and move around.”  commonsblog.org

Sprawl has its apologists.  In Albuquerque the PGS battle squared up sides with developers and the building industry firmly against the effort and its outcomes.

Sprawl Watch has a list of prosprawl individuals and organizations like the National Association of Home Builders and think tanks like the Competitive Enterprise Institute and Heritage Foundation. 

The cry of elitism is particularly ironic since today's developers, like land speculators in Albuquerque's history, have some big ideas and big methods of shaping places themselves.  Among the most successful, for good or ill, is to control or be the politician in charge.  This isn’t very “free enterprise” and it may not be in the public interest or for the greatest good - whatever those mean.  But leveraging public investments and power to benefit your own sprawl interests or those of your supporters is priceless.   

Broadly on public graft is this from Center for Public Integrity,  Coco


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