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Albuquerque Trivia

Img_1259   The Albuquerque Trivia from the Tricentennial site and playing cards I got for Christmas include this question: 

When did Albuquerque get its first suburbs?

The answer? 

By 1750, Albuquerque had such satellite communities as Corrales, Los Griegos, Los Montoyas, Los Poblanos and Los Gallegos.  ...

Is this sprawl apologist propoganda or what? 

The villages in the valley north and south of Albuquerque were not suburbs nor would residents ever have identified them as such.  In some cases villages predated Albuquerque or were associated with separate land grants.  And subsistence farming was the primary occupation of residents.   

The pattern of self-sufficient small landholders raising their own food, keeping sheep and cattle and providing for most of their own necessities continued well into the twentieth century.  Extra fruit and vegetables were peddled to the pueblos, and to people in Albuquerque and Santa Fe....   (Shining River Precious Land. 1986)

Suburban-style development grew around existing villages after the first and second world wars as agriculture declined and land was sold or lost to taxes. 

Excluding mention of south valley villages in the "answer" was a safe move.  Some folks in places like Pajarito and Atrisco are kinda touchy about the City and I'm sure it was safer to not mention them at all than to call their historic neighborhoods Albuquerque's "suburbs". 

Also interesting is that some of the villages named in the answer incorporated as separate municipalities under State law - arguably to escape Albuquerque's sprawling grasp.   

Suburb this,  Coco



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