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Dulce_airfield Denver Post has a Sunday story about methane drilling at the Rulison underground nuclear test site near Rifle, Colorado.     Rulison was an Operation Plowshare test in 1969 and the story describes the test and protest.

New Mexico had a similar Plowshare test near Dulce in 1967 called Gusbuggy.  It was supposed to increase production but no one wanted radioactive gas

In Rifle, the drilling seems audacious.   

Critics are wary of company assurances that its drills will not disturb a dormant monster. They note that another gas driller has been delivering bottled water to Garfield County homeowners near a creek polluted by a leak.

"We're very dubious of their claims that nothing can go wrong," said Duke Cox, president of the Grand Valley Citizens Alliance. "Things do go wrong. They go wrong all the time."  ...

... For enough money, "they'd drill through Abraham Lincoln's brain,"  he said.    [nearby landowner Wesley Kent]

If Lincoln had gas.  Coco


Inky Ink, Inc.

Actually, it is thought that Lincoln suffered from the genetic disorder known as Marfan Syndrome, which might have accounted for his exceptional height (6'4", at a time when the average height of a white American male was 5'6"), unusually formed chest and loose-limbed gait. Gas, however, is not noted as a sympton. No drilling required.

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