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Making a Messland of Westland

Black Helicopters and Fireworks

Glad to hear the police made arrests.   

Apparently pursuit of the westside thieves and vandals required a helicopter to circle my house for twenty minutes last night.  Yes, it did.  No, I'm not sure if it was black or not.  No, I'm not a westside vandal.  And no, I 'm not ungrateful for police protection.

But I hate helicopters.  The sound rattles me like a Vietnam vet with PTSD.  When they fly low and I feel the vibration, I get extremely...vexed.  On what seemed like the 50th flyover I got out of bed and went outside. 

It soon dawned on me - maybe when the helicopter's circle seemed to get a little tighter - that they have fancy night vision on board those things.  They could probably see me clearly as I stood in my frontyard, in my underwear, holding a cat, shaking my fist and yelling obscenities at the sky.

My next door neighbor certainly could.

Then the helicopter went away, followed by the war noise of post game fireworks at the baseball stadium.  Coco 


Inky Ink, Inc.

In addition to my longstanding contention that those helicopters are actually not black but, in fact, navy blue, I have further evidence to suggest that some are painted a deep, rich charcoal gray. I hope that this is of some comfort.

John Robertson

My fellow residents and I also hate helicopters. We put an online vote together at Barrasford to ban a private helicopter landing pad in our peaceful village in the rural English countryside. The choppers ruin the peace and quiet and endanger the local community. Aviation enthusiasts from across the world have hijacked out attempt to rid the community of this airborne menace. Please visit us and vote 'no' to help our peaceful environmentally aware campaign.

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