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Abramoff and Pueblo Money

The stories about lobbyists Abramoff and Scanlon in the Santa Fe New Mexican and Albuquerque Journal are almost identical.  Down to the same old fedora photo.  A report released Thursday confirms that they're jerks.  (The lobbyists, not the newspapers.)   And that Sandia Pueblo is fudging about how much they actually paid them to help with the Sandia mountain land claim.   It was a lot. 

But neither story asks where that money went.  I guess the report didn't either.  Did they just keep all that cash?  Spend it on unrelated matters?  Or did they spread it around on campaigns and gifts and junkets like they did all the rest of the time?  And who was on the receiving end?  Republicans?  New Mexicans?  Politicians?   

Isn't it logical to ask who the influence peddlers peddled to? 


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