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Perverse Motions

Sammy Bregman's argument for moving the Vigil trial out of state takes the cake.  But the Judge says he's not going to get to eat it too.  (We needed another metaphor about the former State Treasurer's corruption trial that isn't related to boxing.)

Kate Nash did a great Tribune story here.  Prosecutors said:

Having done all he could to influence public opinion through press conferences, interviews and appearances on radio talk shows, counsel now argues that there has been too much pretrial publicity...

...Granting Bregman's motion...would not only be legally wrong, it would be perverse. Defendant's motion recalls the story of the boy who murdered both his parents, then asked the court for lenience because he was an orphan....

Yikes.  I liked the perverse-boy-trying-to-eat-cake imagery in my head much better but now I feel circus metaphors coming on.


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