Eminent Eminent Domain Bills
Yellow Dog



It's hard to believe that I read this more than a quarter of a century ago (it put some naughty thoughts in my head.)

I'm thinking about the man who dumped cigarette butts from his car on the grass next to his car as I walked by on my way to the laundromat... a story much better told over bubbly with just a touch of guilt.


Rocky says “you’re welcome.” Playing the part of ‘Utah’ will be challenging for New Mexico – this will be another case where the actor does their best and the Film Editor does the rest, but with good lighting and cutting between cameras we might be able to pull it off.
And when I read the book, I imagined a bluegrassy soundtrack – http://www.seldomscene.com/SceneHome.html–
would that be too corny?

Hey, i interviewed the french publisher of E. Abbey and he confirms that a movie is going to be done by Kathrine Hardwicke (who did the lords of dogtown ? )

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