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Strong Women are Interchangable

So are politicians.  Or so we hear from Gene Grant in the Journal.  I swear it sounds like he's saying they all look alike

Palin reminds Gene of his mother and some other old battle ax in politics he remembers from his youth - a gut-wrenchingly narrowly framed view of women.  Disappointing but insightful.

Gene dismisses serious misgivings about Palin as so much annoying email.  No Kidding.  A journalist.  Admittedly the whole point of Gene's piece is that critical thinking is gone missing.  It's all about mommy issues now.  Not real mommy issues but issues we had with our mommies - our formative images of women.  Actual issues don't matter to the Palinites

It gets better. 

Then he says Palin is just like Bill Clinton and Richardson.  

All governors tend to be bullies at some level. Big deal.  In fact, you could lift the name "Palin" out, insert the name "Richardson" or "Bill Clinton" and insert the respective local issues and it wouldn't miss a beat. I think that's what Palinites get in their bones. And it's what everyone else flailing away at her have not. It's amusing.

Chri*st on a cracker. I'm not amused at all here. 

If you underestimated the subtext of Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin's appeal — be it as a hockey mom, governor of a small state, or mayor of a teeny city — you may want to buy an Amtrak ticket and get out in this country a bit more.

OK, well that's funny at least.  Cynical, sad and ironic, but funny. 


Soylent Green

North to Alaska, I say. And take her with you.

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