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Farm to Subdivision

Sandhill cranes on a field that will soon be chopped up for sale because: you can't do agriculture on land worth that much.  Evidence offered on the viability of yet more auto-dependent houses was, of course, completely voluntary but appeared to be based solely on proximity to a freeway exit.

Cranes and barbwire A Kunstlerian diatribe rises in my throat, bile-like.  I bite my tongue.*

 In the Long Emergency view, there is no question about the value of more sprawl versus ag production.  These gravity-irrigated fields of decent soil in the lower Rio Grande valley are the only viable farm lands for hundreds of miles, east and west.  We are wasting them.  Sitting in this huge market area is the potential blessing and continual curse.

Hops not houses? Cluster Housing? Conservation Easement?  Simple recognition of how this land and valley was farmed throughout history - even before the earliest Spanish settlement in the 16th century?

No, thanks.  We can get so much per lot.  The market is strong.  The freeway is right there.

* Then I proceeded to make accidental ball point pen marks all over my leather jacket (again) and started mumbling and cursing - which was undoubtedly mistaken for a reaction to the proposal.



Where will candidates in the upcoming mayoral race stand on these issues? Where are the policy proposals that would successfully address sprawl.

coco la boca

Water issues are the key. Finding the right lock is tricky, I figure.

John Fleck

Hanging this on water is a bit of a dangerous game, though. One route through that maze involves bailing on farming entirely in places like this, because of all that water it uses.

coco la boca

As you know John, we already have bailed on farming to get the water. Most don't realize it yet or are in denial, like me.

We might get hungry for agriculture again which would change the dynamics behind our convoluted water law.

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