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The Hired Hand

I've been watching the movie The Hired Hand and special features bonus disc (instead of packing, of course.)   Big thanks to the commenter who pointed out this movie in response to my post about a certain spooky camping trip

Cabezon2This Peter Fonda movie was filmed in New Mexico in 1970 soon after Easy Rider.  He used locations north of Espanola and at Cabezon where the dramatic big headed peak looms over a storybook bad-ass western town.

My commenter's story, that I vaguely recall from the time but can't seem to confirm, is about how a movie worker was killed at Cabezon in an accident during the filming - he walked into the blades of a helicopter he was helping to unload.  Additional creepy photos of the place at this NM Film Office link.  



An absolutely stunning use of Cabezon as a location in the opening sequence in this (the third) season's first episode (#301) of "Breaking Bad" - magical realism par excellence, the visual impact of which made the hair on the back of my neck stand up.

Carl Denham

"Breaking Bad" episode 301 "No Mas" (in it's entirety) click Full Episode at for opening sequence [strongly suggest watching it full screen]

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