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The Cricket Coogler File

Jay Miller tells Cricket Coogler's story* Inside the Capital and describes the tradition of outgoing governors offering advice to incoming governors.  Governor Ed Mechem had vowed to solve the murder mystery and never did.

Four years later, when John Simms took office as governor, he found one item on his desk when entered the governor's office. It was a file labeled "Cricket Coogler." Nothing more was ever heard about that file.

An interesting sidelight of the situation is that all the politicians and appointed officials involved in the case were Democrats. Meachem was the first Republican governor in 20 years. If anyone were going to blow the whistle, it was Meachem.

His advice to Simms must have been fascinating.



*Coco, as self-appointed obsessive Curator of Coco's Cricket Coogler Club, has read all the books, watched the video, published 9 posts about Cricket, Happy Apodaca, gambling hang outs of the era like Uncle Frank's Mecca Club, and conducted pilgrimages to the Mesquite Cemetery and Anapra.




rc helicopter

Impressive blog! -Arron

kathy g willingham

love your info about cricket. I just finished a novel loosely based on her murder. looking for a publisher. got any ideas?

Virginia Chrisco

Would like to be in contact with Kathy G Willingham. Was very involved in the Cricket Coogler case. My email address is [email protected].


My uncle said he was threatened by Happy when he confronted him with evidence of sheriff department involvement in the murder.

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