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Round and Round House

There is little to be added to Claus's excellent summary in NMFBIHOP of week two in the Roundhouse.

Incoming New Mexico legislators undoubtedly undergo a rapid wake-up call in these first two weeks.  They may start out like Tiger moms, with how dad wore the same shoes 8 years and so should government.  But most are discovering it's not that simple. 

David Roybal's biography of Fabian Chavez Jr.. Taking On Giants, describes Fabian's fights for civil rights, judicial reform and with the liquor industry. Among his clear insights:

It had become apparent that we had no clear leadership from the top of the party so we had to become progressives in the legislature.  I had served one term In the house and was in my first term in the senate, but I had already realized it was extremely important to know how the legislative process works so you can make it work for you.  If you didn't do it, you were eaten up by the guys who did understand the process.

What feels new is just the old going around and around since before there was a Roundhouse. 


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