Worst of Cocoposts Vol. 1
NM Legislature Off and Running

Ethics - All Behind Us Now

"That such a deal was even considered shows the willingness of Richardson's cronies to view the state's coffers as their own private bank. As more documents come to public light, each revelation just gets more stunning and makes you wonder." Albuquerque Journal

Wonder at the apparent naivety, maybe.  People all over, inside, out, and around local government use it as their own private bank.  It's a consequence of long standing structural constructs and customs.  These don't change much with a new administration.  While there are new or different players at the top surface, all the old pond deposits remain.  The leeches, snakes, gators, contractors and lobbyists will show newcomers the twisted dirty ropes on which some will undoubtedly hang themselves as some of their predecessors did.  Nothing will improve if we imagine the problem is all in the past.

BTW, on the scale of dirty inside deeds and deals I count the new Governor's first movidas on behalf of polluting industry as far more unethical than a long-past Baltimore casino deal that never happened



Inky Ink, Inc.

I am shocked. SHOCKED! How dare you besmirch the good name of leeches, snakes and gators?!? Harrumph!


I am really looking forward to your coverage of the legislature this year! Not to be missed!

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