Lying Liars Fracking Lies
Senate Corpse Pie, Mmmmm

Big Dog Cold

He's completely unfazed by the cold.  My thermometer read 12 degrees in the late afternoon yesterday but he was tugging for a longer evening walk. Frozen tears obstructed my view of ice so I had to keep my hands out of my pockets in case I fell.  That way I'd break a wrist instead of a hip and could continue walking on treacherous ice the rest of winter with a cast on my arm.

Anyway, it's cold and I wore snow boots and double coats to the Roundhouse yesterday.  Someone asked if I'd ridden a snowmobile into town from Canada. The Roundhouse crowd was a little thinner owing to the weather.  (But still mostly overweight.) 

Got a flu shot, blood pressure and glucose test on UNM Day.  The UNM Pharmacy school students were amazed at my good glucose and blood pressure numbers.  "So I'm all set for Alzheimer's?"  I asked.

Oh, and it was Alzheimer's Day one day this week.  I forget which.




Inky Ink, Inc.

Be careful out there! In the immortal words of Thornton Wilder, it's so cold outside, the dogs are sticking to the sidewalk!

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