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Oil and Gas Daze

Today at the Roundouse we'll honor the extraction industries for bringing us our two favorite energy sources.* If you had any doubt about our complete reliance on oil and gas and the industry's devotion to keeping it that way, Marita Noon will give you the what-for.  (Las Cruces Sun Times)

And the New Mexico Oil and Gas Association will brag that the industry is "our past, our present and our future."   That is just plain creepy to me.  So's their goal of brainwashing kids educating the public about the industry's "innumerable benefits." 

Reminds me of lecturing an 18th century Irishman on the benefits of the potato.

The state is completely dependent on the multi-billion dollar funding it gets each year from these two fossil fuels.  And they say that like its a good thing. India's Business Standard cites a new study with a bigger view:

Renewable energy sources accounted for 47 per cent (140 GW) of the new capacity added to world’s grids (about 300 GW) during 2008 and 2009, says the study by Exim Bank. The total investment in renewable energy capacity generation in 2009 was US$ 150 billion, which was around 40 per cent of the annual investment in upstream oil and gas industry, which was a little over US$ 380 billion. 

Investment in renewables is growing.  Just not here.  I doubt they'll be a table in the rotunda about that.

Neither will there be a table touting the efficacy of industry regulations.  A new Government Accounting Office report adds the Interior Department's oil and gas management program to its list of screwed-up agencies. Shorter GAO: they're too understaffed to function and probably not collecting revenue from the pillaging.  

Note: The Oscar nominated new movie Gasland about fracking is getting blow-back from oil and gas industry PR, which has only served to pull it more directly into the limelight. (LA Times)

Nothing better get in the way of the drilling.

*Damn straight. Or stop driving and turn off the furnace.  Ingrate.


Inky Ink, Inc.

Our future until a) there ain't none left, and/or b) global warming renders it all academic. Whichever comes first. But in the meantime, DRILL BABY DRILL!


uh...I don't think this is the kind of nooner most people are looking for.

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