Return of Coco Jones

Nuclear Oh

 Yokoso News livefeed is informative. 

The twitter feeds aren't.  Defenders of nuclear technology are out in force giving stern warnings for ninnys not to overreact and cause panic.  Real men aren't afraid of isotopes and earthquakes! At the other end of the spectrum are theendoftheworld hashtaggers. 

I've always loved the Amory Lovins quote about nuclear energy.  He said it was like cutting butter with a chainsaw.  Or it's like driving a super-charged V-12 four-wheel drive on a bike path. You only need it for the mountains but you're determined to get your money's worth and everything smaller will have to get out of the way.  Sustainables?  Pffft.

Overkill is messy.  The wisdom of nuke use rests on overkill - the big assumption about big base power demand. We must meet big demand and demand is always growing bigger.  This is the fundamental assumption of proponents - including energy companies who produce electricity. 

Meet demand or grandma will die of heat exhaustion in her desert trailer! This is the same mentality that suggests huge water pipelines to the desert will be necessary to keep grandma hydrated. 

At some point it makes more sense to move the trailer.



I, too, have been watching the lies unfold as last ditch efforts to flood the things with sea water is failing.

Might as well give iodine to the entire region. In their tea... as they are toast.
Scary, sad, sad, scary.

I grew up in California and was a big part of the protests at Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant. (Abalone Alliance!) PG&E lied and won. Erin Brockovich style...

I know too much. This is why I appreciated your tweet about Temple Grandin. It was a nice respite.

*Still glued to the internet/tube*

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