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Stifling Drivers

Provocatively entitled piece in the New York Times addresses how Europe "Stifles Drivers."  My new job*  prevents depthful debate.  But know that questioning the primacy of the automobile does not mean an actual socialist European will put a pillow over your face while you're trying to drive. 

Some commenters apparently feel so threatened.  And then there is this good ol' planner hatred and distrust. 

"... public transit here will always be revoltingly filthy and agonizingly slow, more so after "planners" have their way with it. NYC is not Geneva and will never have its level ethics, civility or order.   Seems to me that "planner" types here secretly delight in making people miserable, period.

I printed and burned this comment in a delightful little secret ceremony that should give him miserable heartburn!
Thankfully, cooler heads prevail. 
It's quite telling that these articles appear, then disappear, then reappear a few years later as some sort of revelation. The oil, auto and road construction industry barons own our government, and their doublespeak defines 'freedom' as the right to drive. Even if we accept the logic of mass transit vs the private car, we are so heavily invested in this illusion and presently is such economic shambles , thanks to those same pigs, that changing the system is presented as close to impossible....
Back to slacking.
* Chief Executive Slacker Extraordinaire, Whitelodge, Inc.


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