Big Boletus Barrowsii
Vallecito Lake and The Pine

While You Were Gone

Glad you're back! Bummer about the water line and too bad about your tooth. Good luck at the dentist and let me know if you need a ride. Those can be rough.

No kidding about the weeds at your place. No wonder you call it the Weed Ranch. I always thought it was a pot joke. Save me a couple of those tumbleweeds for a Christmas project would you? Tremendous!

Let me know if you want help with those fallen branches. Sorry about your lawn chairs.

Those Franken-stickers are back in that northeast corner (and the SW and SE corners too.) You'll need your leather gloves, chaps and boots for those. They're there in the shed where I moved them from under a leak.

The goatheads were pretty bad but the cows got them good when they got out. The fence fix with the chaise lounge and wire is obviously temporary.  I think the shrubs will recover, so no worries there.

You were right to worry about mold around that roof leak in the kitchen. Boy, that dark spot looks bad. 

I noticed the ladder was gone or I would have checked on your gutters.

There was some guy hanging around the ditch a few weeks ago and I found a wet sleeping bag back there. But with all those mosquitos I think he's moved on.

That reminds me, I heard something under your shed. Mice? Skunk?

Oh, and your neighbor - the one that was mad at you ... Or the other one that was mad at you after that - he's asking for that lost gate key so you may need a bolt-cutter.

Other than that everything looks fine. Welcome back!


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