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One Time After a Long Lunch

One time after a long lunch meeting on a golf course when he was feeling pretty tired and toasted, Chocky was asked to lead the Pledge Of Allegiance. It was customary before the commission meeting for the Chair to ask someone to do it after the moment of silence.  So everyone was standing and waiting and there is this way too long of a silence before Chocky starts in, "Our Father who art in heaven…."  Maybe he was feeling guilty.

He didn't get very far before the horror of his mistake overcame him and he turned bright red and stuttered into "I mean I Pledge Allegiance ..."  By then most everyone was laughing, including the members - into their microphones. No one could hear anything until the "under God" part and when it was over the Chair had to bang his gavel to quiet everyone down - from the pledge. That was a first.

For awhile after that, if someone wanted a laugh they would start a staff meeting with some improbable recitation, like the AA serenity prayer. It got old before the lawyer said to quit in case it offended someone.


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