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First National Bank
Alonzo's Bank (

In his memoirs, William Keleher* describes walking home from school one day in 1894 and seeing attorney Alonzo B. McMillen, "a slim six footer," physically attacked on an Albuquerque street corner by the District Attorney. The quarrel had begun in the courtroom.

To say that McMillen, eventual owner of the majority of the Alameda Land Grant, was "prominent" in the Albuquerque community is an understatement.  He was president of First National Bank, head of the chamber of commerce and head the of the New Mexico Bar Association.  He also owned, along with Frank Hubbell, controlling interest in Albuquerque's Water Supply Company.

 "The men who managed the Water Company business apparently had no concern with establishing and maintaining good relations with the consumers, seemingly going out of their way to antagonize citizens."

Later in the book Keleher describes the city's acquisition of the water company through an involved bond purchase. The total cost was $400,000.

"Subsequently, he (McMillen) specialized in perfecting the rights of owners of Spanish and Mexican land grants."

*Memoirs: 1892-1969 A New Mexico Item. 1969


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