Lines of Power

A Real Dump

The place was a real dump. That’s saying something because people were dumping all over after they stopped running sheep and cattle on Cozy Y. People needed it then - the land - they used it for everything: animals, plants, firewood, rocks and there was a lead mine too. After the wars no one really wanted to work the land like that. And Alva wouldn’t let them anyway - not the way his father had.

The fences and that nice old-style Cozy Y gate came down. You know the one with a counter-balance thing and you can stay in your truck and just pull on a rope and it opens. Everyone loved that gate. They’d put little kids on it so they could ride it up and down. No wonder it finally broke. Alva never got it fixed and it rotted away in the weeds - like nearly everything else.

The arroyo filled up with trash, mattresses, tires, dead animals. Then one day a thunderstorm parked itself right over all that crap and washed it clean down into the valley.  Roiling piles of garbage. A particularly solid sleeper-sofa punched a hole in the small dam that usually held back the water. Everything was swept onto fields and yards and even into a couple homes. The place was covered in filth, broken bits and mud - the mesa’s payback for neglect.

That was right around the time Connie took over. She had the fences fixed and a couple of pretty little rock check dams built. ATVs are the problem now. Thank God she didn’t live to see that. Angel wants a drone to patrol that fence line now, if Sammy doesn't sell it all first.


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