Lines of Power
She Cries

Ace's Backhoe

When Sammy took over he fired everyone and put Ace in charge. Ace Scanlin had been his driver and bodyguard. He'd never managed anything larger than the turning radius of a truck but Sammy let him run the ranch and restaurant.  

Ace had no sense of priority or proportion. He would obsess over some details and ignore more important things. Like when Sadie went out of town for a weekend and left Ace in charge of the barn. He had a flush toilet installed in the office but didn’t feed. Horses and the kenneled hounds would have died if there hadn’t been automatic water troughs.

And there was his temper. It became startlingly obvious to Sammy after two workmen disappeared, that Ace, who confessed he’d gotten angry and killed them, wouldn’t work out. Everyone was terrified of him. No one showed up at the house anymore. Hiring anyone to do actual work was impossible and that made Ace even madder since it meant he had to do the work himself.

But Sammy was afraid of him too. And the guy could operate a backhoe, which was pretty important if you are going to go around killing people.


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