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All That Glitters

Strolling along Main Street Durango, I feel like a local, even if just a summer local. I hit the regular spots - Carvers, for a beer, Maria’s Bookshop for a guide to mushrooms, Dancing Willow for tea and soap, Southwest Sounds for Courtney Barnett. This day I feel especially good, striding and smiling like I own the town.

And then I got to the pet store. I plopped a bag of dog food on the counter and the proprietor pulled me aside. I briefly imagined he might ask for my number or praise my customer loyalty. Instead he tells me my fly is down.

Yes, the gold zipper on my black pants was wide open. The inexplicably bright adornment on my otherwise head to toe black outfit drew the eye immediately. If my crotch had been adorned with diamonds that day it would have gotten less attention than that bright shiny glittery gold zipper.


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