Galisteo wall and roses - Journeys with Jerry
Cabin 6

Cabin 7

Three women are sitting outside on the patio in the sun drinking box wine out of paper cups as the sun gets low in the narrow mountain valley.

“Did you see any of those blackbirds in your kitchen last night?”

“No, but I keep my bedroom door shut and I wear earplugs. I can’t hear or see a thing!”

“Well that fixes it then.”

“It was a bat, not a bird, Mom.”

“Oh now, we don’t know that for sure. Rene said she saw a bird. So it could have been a bird. A black bird.”

“At night? Inside?”

“Thrushes migrate at night.” A male voice came from a dark corner of the porch behind them. He sounded like smoke and summer napping. “Except the robin. No idea about blackbirds.” He coughed softly.

“Thrushes aren’t migrating around inside Rene’s cabin!” The young woman disliked the way he was always confusing the old lady.

“And they aren’t black!” The woman said, amused.

Rene stiffened. “What did you say about Robin?”

“They don’t migrate at night anyway.” The man said.

“Robin got a divorce, you know. Did you say she's dating a black?”

“I heard she left him in the daytime.” The man added.

Rene showed them the rusted gutter and how water was flooding the porch after every rain.

"You should get a rain barrel from Walmart and set it there under the leak. I've got one and it's so nice to water the plants with that soft rainwater!"

"Really Lou? A barrel in the middle of the porch? Maybe Rene should open a bat zoo and mold emporium instead of fixing the roof."

Rene said, "I love zoos!"


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