Cricket’s Revenge

The Deputy was the one that got the worst deal. Sandman paid with his life. He didn’t get pardoned by President Truman like Sheriff Happy and the other guy, even though he’d only watched them torture that black veteran into confessing. They had needed somebody else to blame after the football player was exonerated. It took J Edgar Hoover getting involved to shake things up and finally get the Sheriff and his men. But they were convicted of violating that man’s civil rights, not for Cricket’s murder. 

368AF82B-613A-473C-A8C6-E4800DE6EDA9The cover-up got obvious. Like digging a hole to bury something and leaving a big mound over it. Sandman served his full sentence and then publicly vowed to solve the murder. He started asking all the questions again. Next thing you know, Sandman’s shot dead. First they said he killed himself until the coroner pointed out to a reporter that the bullet entered the back of Sandman’s head. 

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Swingin' Circus Tricklock

Tricklock targetgirl

Regulars at the Reptilian Lounge don't need to be told - the Tricklock Theatre Company features great talent.

As a certifiable sucker for the circus, I couldn't miss their fundraiser last night at the Albuquerque High School Lofts - The Swingin' Circus Sideshow Lounge. 

The company performed favorites, like Catgut Strung Violin, and new bits from recent and upcoming shows - like Quality: The Shoe Play opening April 8th. 

Food, drink and sideshow stuff before the performance and during intermission included fortune telling, snake charming and arm wrestling with a strong man. 

OK, I'm making up the part about snakes.  But there was a monkey.  And belly dancers, clowns, swingin' trapeze artists and Miss Albuquerque, who sang It Had To Be You.  She was not on the trapeze - though that would have been interesting.


Great Grace

FongCalifornia Pianist Grace Fong performed Sunday in a solo recital for Chamber Music Albuquerque at the Simms Center.  

She spoke to the appreciative audience frequently, telling us about herself and describing each of the pieces she played: Prokofiev's first piano sonata, five pieces by Chopin, Liszt's second Ballade, Mozart's "twinkle twinkle little star" variations and a stunning sonata by modern Australian composer Carl Vine. 

After a standing ovation with boisterous bravos she played an encore so elegant I wept. You can hear it on her website "Schedule" page and I'm listening to it over and over.   Not crying.  Update:  It is Schumann's Träumerei.  

Grace hadn't been to Albuquerque before.  As she was introduced it was noted that her first actual performance in town was at Presbyterian Hospital where she played for patients and families immediately after her flight arrival. 

She is modest, personable and a true virtuoso not to be missed.  Best of all, she'll be coming back December 6th to play with the Santa Fe Symphony at the Lensic.