Luddite Looks at Spaceport

Coco la Boca gets some Desert Exposure in an article by Jeff Berg in the June edition.  It is all about the Spaceport.

Perhaps not surprisingly, the inaugural Virgin Galactic flights did not take place at the Mojave test facility in late 2008 as originally planned. Nor did they happen in "early 2009," as the first such postponement promised.

In May, however, another Spaceport tenant, UP Aerospace, launched a SpaceLoft XL from the site. Although much ballyhooed in the press and described as "successful," the launch actually failed to reach suborbital space (62 miles up), much less its goal of 70 miles high.

To date, only one of three UP Aerospace launches from the Spaceport has actually reached space. Batting .333 would be pretty good in baseball, but not so much in the rocket business.